Supercharge Your Presence | APA

This series aims to help psychologists at all career stages build a professional persona online and through in-person activities.

Length: 60-minutes

Frequency: 5-6/year

Registrations/year: +10K

Key contributions:

  • Developed the concept and name of the series
  • Identfied and hired the two main presenters
  • Work with main presenters on topics
  • Review presentations to ensure they are in keeping with APA's standards
  • Manage marketing and promotion (email, social, house ads)
  • Produce each live event and serve as host
  • Prep and edit recording for publication

How Did You Get that Job? | APA

This series, where APA interviews psychologists working in various fields, to find out what they do on a daily basis, is based on the popular Monitor on Psychology magazine column. It is so popular, it spaned a spin-off series, How Did You Get That Job? Workshops. These presentations provide audiences with pratical skills that will help psychologists find, secure and keep a job.

Length: 30-minutes (talks), 60-minutes (workshops)

Frequency: 6/year (talks), 4/year (workshops)

Registrations/year: +7K

Key contributions:

  • Developed the concept of taking the print columen and evolving it to a webinar series
  • Identifed APA staffer to host series
  • Indentify and contact the guest psychologist featured in each interview and workshop
  • Produce live event and serve as host for workshops
  • Manage the marketing and promotion (email, social and house ads)
  • Prep and edit recordign for publication.