It's all about sharing the vision and inspiring others to create content that connects with audiences. I build interdisciplinary teams of content writers, editors, designers, multimedia experts and social media managers. Provide them with the guidance and tools needed and then let them loose. My style is to nurture talent, support them and ultimately work for them.
Being able to look at a company's brand and identify what audiences connect with is a key aspect to creating content that moves the needle. Once I get to know your brand, I'll develop a content strategy that speaks directly to your audience.
Without promotion, content does little to help your brand. With a multichannel (email/newsletter, social media, and print) promotional effort, I'll get your content seen and talked about by the right people.
I tell the stories that engage and motivate audiences to buy your product, join your organization or sell advertising space on your website. This expertise has developed over a 20-year period working for big name media companies and non-profit associations.
I started out working in the world of news. Creating editorial content is one of my passions. Journalism best practices (who, what, where, when, why, AP style etc.) serves as the foundation for the content I create.