Storytelling in written form is one of the most effective ways to connect with audiences. I've done a lot of writing over the years. These are just a few examples. Today, I prefer to leave most of the writing to staff and freelancers and focus my effort on editing to ensure quality and alignment with an organization's brand/mission.

Iceland phasing out fossil fuels for clean energy | CNN

Iceland may be best known for world-famous musical export Bjork but there’s a new star quickly gaining this island nation worldwide acclaim — clean energy. Read article here.


It’s real life CSI for dinosaur detectives | CNN

In a desolate landscape, under a hot sun, college students are on their hands and knees poking and brushing away at the ground. They are here to solve a mystery buried for 65 million years. Read article here.

Legendary astronaut Shannon Lucid still finds herself star-struck | CNN

During the last space shuttle mission to the international space station, television cameras panned around the Johnson Space Center’s Mission Control and landed on the CAPCOM desk — the relay station between astronauts on the ground and those circling in orbit.

There sat astronaut Shannon Lucid, diligently taking notes and talking Discovery astronauts through procedure after procedure. At 64, Lucid continues to work as an active member of the NASA astronaut corps and loves every minute of it. Read article here.


Frances Gulland fulfilling dream to work with marine mammals | AAAS

A love of animals from an early age lead AAAS member Frances Gulland to her career as a veterinarian. Currently she treats sick and injured seals and sea lions along the coast of California. Read article here.

F DeWolfe Miller is a real life Indiana Jones | AAAS

Hop on board the Aeolus, AAAS member F DeWolfe Miller’s sailboat and get ready for a voyage that includes, a bike ride across the desert, nasty parasites in Nepal and digging up ancient mummies in Egypt. And yes, there is a bullwhip too! Read article here.


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s battle cry for STEM | AAAS

Yes, even astrophysicists must attend jury duty. Even well-known astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City and host of the PBS program NOVA ScienceNOW. On Tyson’s most recent trip to the courts, he was part of a dwindling pool of potential jurors on a drug bust case. He and 15 of his fellow citizens listened intently as the judge read aloud the case. Read article here.

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