Technology, Mind & Socity Conference

This video which I edited and produced, was used to register 500 people for APA's new Technology, Mind & Soceity Conference in 2018. The conference sold out and is now an annual event for APA.


  • 2019 Communicator Award: Technology, Mind & Society 1st Annual TMS Conference -- Award for Marketing Effectiveness

AAAS Video Showcase

These videos feature AAAS members showcasing their work in various fields of science. I shot, edited and produced these myself.

  1. Tour the space shuttle Discovery at the National Air and Space Museum
  2. Autonomous underwater vehicles canvas our oceans to studying their health
  3. Narwhals have tusks made of dentin and a dentist study's them
  4. Long forgotten U.S. voyage around the globe mapped the southern seas
  5. Researchers distinguish dinosaur Torosaurus from Triceratops